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AMALTAS COMFYPRO  (SANITARY PADS) are ultra absorbent menstrual solutions with active oxygen, FAR-IR & made up of negative ion which gives you additional comfort & instant absorption, it helps to neutralize & control odours during menstrual cycle with odour control technology with nature's plant extract. With the regular use of comfy pro sanitary premium pads you can assure yourself to get rid from severe stomach pain, abdominal cramps, excess bleeding, body pain, tiredness & all the related troubles during periods.


·It is free from any harmful chemicals

·They do not contain any chlorine & dioxins.

·It is made up of using high gel absorbent sap gel, which makes it feel dry throughout the day.

·Having anti leakage property, it makes side leakage impossible.

·Its 100% cotton top layer keeps you comfortable and refreshed for a long time.

·It is 8 layered napkins with anion chip and far infrared ray. This combination prevents reproduction of bacteria which gives relief from menstrual troubles.

·It uses ultra soft material which prevents the effects of bacteria.

·It effectively increases the air permeability and sanitation of sanitary napkins.

·It controls the PH level.

·It ends bad odour.

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Using a sanitary napkin is quite easy. Here are a few basic stepson how to wear a sanitary napkin:

·Remove the paper on the back side of the pad and place iton your underpants.

·Remove the paper from wings. Wrap the wings around bothsides of the underpants and press firmly.