AYUSH KWATH (Immunity Booster)

AYUSH KWATH (Immunity Booster)

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Amaltas Ayush Kwath (herbal natural immunity booster) increases Immunity in the body and prevents infection from growing in the body It also helps to protect from the infection of Today's biggest disease of corona virus (COVID-19). Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Giloy, Basil, Cinnamon, Dry Ginger and other rare herbs included in Amaltas Ayush Kwath plays an important role in fighting with viruses and bacteria and due to its intake, the infection does not enter into the healthy cells of the human body. Amaltas Ayush Kwath prevents from forming thick mucus and reduces inflammation of the lungs by eliminating mucus formed.

Amaltas Ayush kwath is a super anti-oxidant and keep us free from free radicals.
It acts as a super immunity booster that fights from diseases.
Because of its adaptogen property, keep us healthy and internally strong to protect from        environmental changes.
It saves us from flu, viruses even Corona Virus (COVID-19). 
It's slow down the aging process & keep us young, energetic and extends our life.Activates  different elements of immune system and puts them into use.
It also acts as bronchodilator,decongestant, anti-inflammatory and lungs detoxifier. 
It helps in eliminating the infections and regulating allergic reactions.

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TULSI                 50MG
DARCHINI           50MG 
SONTH                50MG
KALI MIRCH         25MG
KALONJI              25MG  
GILOY                 25MG 
MULAITHI            25MG 
PEEPLI                25MG  
HALDI                 25MG  
SAUNF                25MG  
SHILAJIT             25MG 
CHIRAITA            25MG 
HARDH               25MG 
ASROL                25MG  
ZEERA                25MG

FOR COVID PATIENT - Two capsules twice a day with Luke warm water.

FOR NORMAL PERSON- One capsule twice a day with Luke warm water.

FOR CHILDREN (2-5 YEARS)-One capsule a day (remove the outer shell & mix the content of capsule in one  tablespoon of honey).