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AMALTAS AYUTAS EYE DROP is a unique & proven ayurvedic medicine that protects the eyes from all types of diseases including conjunctivitis, cataract, night blindness eye fatigue, weak eyesight & diabetic retinopathy. The refreshing, soothing & calming herb relieve redness caused by environmental elements such as wind, sun, dry air (air-conditioning & central heating), smoke, excessive light or visual fatigue.


It prevents from immature cataract & iritis & eyes infections.

It helps to get rid of glasses / spectacles forever.

It removes dirt & eye waste, improves vision.

It reduces eyes redness, itching, dryness & irritation.

It helps to reduce eye strain & removes effects of pollution.

It prevents from conjunctivitis ,night blindness & diabetic retinopathy.

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ARK OF SATYANSHI                         ARGEMONE MEXICANA                   2.5ML

 PALASHROOT                                  BUTEAMONOSPERMA                   2.5ML

DOSAGE :2 or 3 drops twice a day to be taken under medical supervision.