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Greendiamond helps plants to increase food intakes and develop thicker walls tobecome healthy and resistive towards diseases, makes crops to grow with good quality,shape and sizes.

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·       The use of Green Diamond leads to the accumulation ofhormones of the highest quality, which increases flowering and fruit setting.

·       It Increases flowering in plants and the growth of newbranches is rapid.

·       The use of green diamond increases the food intakecapacity of plants and increases the thickness of the cell wall. As a resultthe plants become healthy and tolerant to diseases.

·       Use of green diamond increases the quality ofvegetables and fruits and improves shape & size.

·       The use of Green Diamond gives plants the ability tofight against stressful and unfavorable conditions.

CROPS- Green Diamond is useful for all types of fruit and vegetablecrops.

DIRECTIONFOR USE - Use 0.5 ml Green Diamond mixed in 1 liter of water. Beforeuse, shake the bottle well and use the solution as a homogeneous.