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SAP is organic approved nonionicsilicon super spreader , spreader , activator and penetrator for soluble liquidand emulsifiable  concentrate formulationwhich  can be used with a broad range of agrochemicals.Promotes spray volume reduction thereby improving spray  coverage promotes rapid uptake plants via stomatalinfiltration making the spray solution rain fast. It is most effective as atank side adjuvant when used 24hours within preparation of the spray solution.

BENEFIT - SAP improves product efficacy by 30% so overall reduction in production cost by 25 to30% and increases in by 15 to 20%. Compatible with each and every spray, eachand every soil application.


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wheat,gram,chilli green gram,paddy, soyabean, onion, garlic, potato, tomato

toor, peas, masoor, cotton,vegetable,fruit tree and all crops.                    

DIRECTION FOR USE - For all crops: 0.1 ml foliar spray perliter. Use 0.25 connector per liter through drip irrigation.